Lesson One

So you want to be a Task Ninja? You have come to the right place.

I congratulate you on your arrival. Most do not come so far - to have passed through fire and smoke, to have scaled the great cliffs and fought off the ferocious hawks.

There is hope for you yet.

You will find your first lesson below - The Master List, Today, and Reminder. Bend your mind and soul to them, and you will be ready for the other skills of a Task Ninja.

Empty your mind.

Take a deep breath. Conjure up the details swirling in your mind: The missions, the enemies, the weapons, the training.

Now, Empty Your Mind. Enter every task into the Master List. Do not worry about priority. Do not concern yourself with categorization.

Task Zen Complete.

The Master List - Empty your Mind

The Master List - Rule the Day

Rule the Day

Focus. What must be done now? What foe is most dangerous? What mission is most lucrative?

You can decide from the Master List - just click on Today to begin.

Or, enter new missions on Today as they are needed. As you enter a task, ninja magic will assist you: the items from your Master List will be suggested.

Begin work. Finish work. Gold shuriken for you!

Day Conquered.

Shape the Future

For a true Master Task Ninja, the events of the future are no secret. Meditate, isolate, and act.

Use Reminders to take the knowledge of your visions and inform your present self when the day finally arrives.

Choose the date, enter the details of your prophecy, reap the rewards.

Raise a Shrine to your Omniscience.

The Master List - Shape the Future