Master Task Ninja

  • Keep track of your daily foes.
  • Add targets to Today's list.
  • Crush them one at a time. What you don't vanquish today, we'll remind you of tomorrow. If they don't get you first.

The Problem

I was like you once, gracious reader. True, I can hide in full sunlight and enter a state of mindful meditation wherein my body can fake death, but I shared your problem. And that problem is Getting Things Done.

Targets piled up, my shurikens went unpolished, and my bag of smoke grenades went unreplenished. So I set off into the wasteland of the Internet looking for the Perfect Productivity Program.

The Search

It was not there. I tried Getting Things Done. I went deeper and tried to Get Sh*t Done. I loaded my journal with Bullets. I sent for a Tickler and did not get the results I sought.

With each soul crushing failure I wondered how so many apps and processes could exist and yet none could solve my problem.

Was I the problem?

The Revelation

No, I wasn't the problem. They were the problem. And therefore YOU are not the problem.

But is there a solution? I took the best of many methodologies, cobbled them together in a way that made sense, and built Yet Another ToDo app.

Yes, there are many to choose from. But no others can make you a Master Task Ninja.

They have all failed. And I have succeeded.

Self Sufficent

Give my system a try. It won't give you the skill to scale a castle wall in the dark of night, but it just may silence the lamentations of all your failures.

You'll always get a Master List of tasks, Today's tasks, a reminder of what you did not yet finish, and a calendar for Free. Plenty of weapons to become a Master Task Ninja.